Welcome to Clube do Choro UK’s workshop page! It is time to get your hands dirty!

Stay tuned for information about our next workshop. Coming soon.

Our workshops provide an opportunity to learn from experienced Choro musicians in a supportive environment. They are designed to improve general instrumental technique as well as give you a good introduction to the style and rhythms of choro.

The workshops are priced at £10 and usually feature the roda’s special guest(s) providing a masterclass in their area of expertise. Previous workshop leaders have included such greats as Marcos Sacramento (vocals), Dirceu Leite (flute) and Henrique Cazes (cavaquinho) who also led a masterclass in the history and nature of choro music.

Our workshops are suitable for all ages and skill-levels, regardless of the instrumental expertise of the special guest.

Instruments commonly used in choro include the clarinet, flute, violin, mandolin, seven and six string guitars, cavaquinho (Brazilian ukelele), pandeiro and other percussion; however at CCUK we are open to all instruments! Choro is an inclusive style and anything can be adapted to become a part of it!

Workshop content:

Masterclass – A chance to hear directly from our special guest(s), who will be giving a talk, practical demonstration and masterclass on choro.

Instrumental Instruction – The strings, wind, brass and percussion will split up to focus on choro repertoire and technique appropriate to each instrumental group. This will be lead by the CCUK House Band and the special guest(s).

Roda de choro – A chance to apply all the skills and repertoire learnt in the workshop in an informal setting.

To book your place at one of our workshops, or if you have any questions, please send a message to workshops@clubedochoro.co.uk.