About CCUK

Established in March 2012, our mission is to spread Brazilian Choro across the UK.

We are an international team founded by Brazilian musician Zé Kouyaté (formerly known as Gaio de Lima) and we believe that ‘we are what we share’…whether that be hospitality, friendship, or our love of choro with you!

Central to our work are our monthly rodas or circles. These are traditional live performances in which the musicians sit facing one another in a ring formation that allows them to make eye contact, jam and improvise. The roda draws the audience in as active participants, all sharing in the creation of the music.

Everyone is welcome to bring an instrument and join with us in the roda regardless of nationality, culture, religion, age, expertise, or instrument played. We also have many fantastic special guests joining us, often straight from Brazil!

We invite you to join us and to explore our website to learn more about choro, its history and important figures and browse our library of musical scores.

Don’t forget to check out our Youtube page at www.youtube.com/clubedochorouk for a better look at what exactly you can expect from one of our events.

Everybody is welcome at CLUBE DO CHORO UK!